Can We Survive World War 3? Learn how to live off-grid

World War 3 can occur at any time in any part of the world. When Russia started a war against Ukraine many suspected that this would be the beginning of another world war. If world war 3 occurs can we survive?

Can a World War 3 Occur?

Russia, China, India, Korea, and NATO countries like countries own nuclear warheads. These warheads are extremely distractible and dangerous. Some modern nuclear bombs can destroy an entire city within no time.

But, this dangerous tool is preventing many wars. As an example, Russia will think thousand times before invading the USA since the USA owns the highest number of nuclear warheads. If the US president authorizes all these nuclear bombs to attack Russia within an hour Russia will be nothing but dust. So, the chance of a powerful country invading another powerful nation is a little bit low.

But, it doesn’t mean that they won’t invade. Some military tools are kept secret. So, maybe those countries have special equipment to prevent such attacks. So, what will happen if we start world war 3 tomorrow?

What do you need to know to survive world war 3 ?

First, when a world war occurs international supply chains will stop. So, at the beginning of the war, all imports may be cut off. Next, the people in the locality will start to panic buying. So, the stocks in your local market will not last long.

Even if your country has a production economy, within a short period you will still face many material shortages. During a war, raw material supplies will get disturbed. Which in the long term affects almost all industries.

Let’s think you are living in an agricultural community. You may think that you are safe from a food crisis. But, in reality, still, you are vulnerable. When fertilizer supplies are cut off the farmers will face many challenges to cultivate their lands.

Can We Survive World War 3?

The answer is a bit complicated and it depends on many factors. It will depend on where you live and what kind of precautions you take.

Understand high-risk areas

Let’s take the Ukraine example. The capital city was the first target of the Russian army. After capturing Kyiv the Russian armies then invaded other major cities with military bases.

Usually, no army will target a rural area with no strategic importance. So, especially if you are living in a rural off-grid area you might be safer than others in your country.

Some rich people even buy bunkers in such rural areas to move in case of an invasion. So, if it is possible it is better to maintain such a second home.

Understand what you need to stock

The things you need to stock and the quantity vary depending on the situation. During nuclear warfare, you will need to stay underground for at least a few months before going out.

But, during a typical invasion, this duration could be lesser.

You need food, water, and medicine to survive. But, the problem is you don’t know when a world war can occur. So, maintaining a buffer stock that can last for years is necessary.

What food sources to choose

If you know the world war will occur next week you can simply stock any food item which has an expiry date two-three years ahead. So, you can consume them for the next two-three years.

But, if you are a survivalist, who stocks for the future you can’t simply stock such items which will not long last.

The best option is to buy MRE packs. MRE or meals ready to eat are usually used by military crops and hikers to survive under conditions where food supplies are not available.

MRE packs come with a balanced nutrition and energy supply for each meal. Also, MRE packs consist of heating materials.

MRE are typically expensive to buy and difficult to find. But, it is better to buy at least a few packs in case you will have to travel from your home base to some other location during the war.

Learn food conservation methods

Instead of buying expensive MRE packs, you can try traditional food conservation methods to maintain a food stock at your bunker or war home.

Food is spoiled by microorganism activity. So, if you can control microorganisms in your food you can conserve your food supplies for years.

Stock your water

Water is the most necessary supply of all. A well-planned water tank system is a must if you need to survive for a long duration. If you are building a bunker or a special building to survive an apocalypse, then consider stocking some water. Also, you can consider a water recycling system. Especially, in the case of nuclear winter water will be the scarcest resource.

Learn how to live off-grid

During any kind of apocalyptic situation if you can live off-grid without fleeing into the cities to buy the stuff you have a better chance of surviving. Don’t rely on public services such as electricity and wired internet connections.

Manage your power sources

Using renewable energy is the best option you have. Solar seems to be the easiest and most common method which suits many regions. However, if you are living in a country that gets only a limited amount of daylight, wind power or a mini hydroelectric station may come smart for your requirement.

First, calculate your daily power requirement. Then decide what type of electricity you need. If you are using laptops or any other equipment other than bulbs you will need an inverter to turn DC into AC.

Also, consider installing a power backup. You can choose either an electric reconditioned car battery or go for a regular solar battery system. However, these electric systems need regular charging and discharging systems to function correctly. So, make sure you install an automated monitoring system to maintain the system.

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