Is Time Travel Possible? A beginner’s guide to time travel

Journey through time Broadly…

Winden’s watchmaker got the blueprint for the time machine mechanism in 1953. It is got from Claudia. In his late life. At that time, he to be engaged to book “A Journey Through Time”. Helge gives it to Claudia as a gift when she started her job at the nuclear plant. In fact, during the writing of the book we can see Tannhaus use to assume; Winden in a time loop. Which means he assumed Tannhaus tucked in there. Specially, we can assume that, because Tannhaus often side that, The past doesn’t just influence the future, the future also influences the past. This idea is somewhat similar to the egg and chicken incident. Identically, we can’t tell what is the thing firstly improved. Everything is interrelated. Time-traveling is theoretically possible but practically?

Also, we can say that the book A Journey Through Time is not a real one. Because we can’t truly say H.G.Tannhaus is a real person.

“A Journey Through Time” comes from a few of actual past works?” actually we can assume like that.

One reference got from literature which similar to this is The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. At the same time, this was mainly about a time traveller. He occasionally travelled through the time( into the past and future).

Lately, his destiny open-ended, and he dismissed. The coining concept means allow to travel through time backwards and forward. And this concept introduced Well. It called the concept of a Vessel too.

This book is a manual to time travel in real life. But this is not a published book into Science. Moreover, the book can’t take as a book to relate to the subject. This is because Science is not figuring out about this yet.

Time-traveling Another book…?

Notedly, there is another book somewhat related to this. It is “Time and Again” and the author is is Jack Finney. Moreover, this book is also all about time travelling. The story describes a person from the 20th century, and he used to travel to 1882. To, New york city.

Even, “A Journey Through Time” is no a book in the real world, this inspires the people. This book helps people to try on that. It encourages resource persons to make real-time travelling machine.

Time-traveling Sound like crazy…right?

But, most of the incredible innovations once a dream. That means, even it seems like a dream if you try to achieve them, there is a possibility to own them. Indirectly, this book encourages people who are interested in this field. On the other hand, it is a great story for readers. At the same time, this book can categorize under science fiction.

This book discovers the sun and moon cycle, wormholes and bootstrap paradox other than Time-traveling. So it touches a vast area of the future. In the backside of the book, there is a quote. It mentions that illusion is the difference between the past and the future.

Time travel is somewhat difficult to perform. Anyhow the parallel world can be there. The reason behind the parallel world maybe because of visibility frequency. Some may say, that is not correct. So, this topic is somewhat difficult to explain.

However, kindergarten with these kinds of stuff will really inspire to make this a reality. At least give a try on it to achieve them. Exciting right?

Journey through time, Darker…?

Moreover, we can assume the “Darker” got the inspiration to some extent from the author. It is really clear, from the story of Darker. Simply, it is about a child disappearance that reconnecting with four struggle families. In Darker, they use to keep a secret connection with these families. It based on a conspiracy of three generations.

With this story, we can see it was used the conception of time-travelling. That means, in this story, it mentions about three generations that cannot live at the same time. Even though some may say different perceptions. Really it has criticisms. At the same point, we need to keep in mind that the perception is different from one to another. Which really means, anyone can say anything about their ideas. There is the freedom to release their ideas and perceptions.

If there is a time-travelling machine in the real world, it can use to fix most of the terrible things happen to the world. So, if we try to do the innovation, we also can travel through time. At the same time, it will not science fiction or figment anymore.

Can we have a journey through time?

Exactly, we can travel through time. Well, you may say “how can we do that? even we don’t have any machine.”

True. We haven’t a machine to go through time. But we all are having a great mind which can do really amazing things. Take time. Think. Really we can travel through time by using our mind. Right? But we were doing this without thinking that we are travel through time.

Let’s do this. Just take a big, good breath. Close your eyes. Think, memorized the time you were happy in your life. So here you are travelling through time. But it is not physically, only from the mind you can travel through time.

But it is only for this life. You can’t Time-traveling to previous or next generations of your soul.

Meditation..? Have you ever hear the word “meditation”. It is a great achievement if you could able to deal with it. Meditation can do so many things. Sometime, it will be really helpful to think into the depth of the time-travelling concepts and for the innovations related to it.

So now what you think. Is time travel is real? After all the above figures, now you may able to think in a new way. And keep in mind perception is one of the powerful tools you can use to think rationally about this. So, get to try on it. You will get really cool answers for the “A journey through time”.

Time-traveling is theoretically proven fact but will human be able to achieve this ever?

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